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Message from Død: Justice has been served! (for now)

Hello all!

Thank you for your support, honestly every bit of support has been important during this time in my life, some rough stuff has happened involving my school.

I have been consistently mistreated by the local community college I attend: PPCC, but in March they hit a new low by pressing criminal charges on me saying that I harassed someone because I’m a racist. Before that they’ve told me to remove a Cradle of Filth shirt and used Jesus as the reasoning behind it, I’ve been in trouble for “fighting” when I was threatened, and I was falsely accused of calling a homosexual a “fag.” Today, all the charges in my case were dismissed, and all I can say is: finally!

I want to thank all of you reading for standing up for what is right, for doing what you believe in, regardless of what others think. You, good people, are a minority today, keep fighting for what you believe in, and continue to know the truth and not believe the lies most people will tell you everyday, stay strong!

An update

Hello all!

Just wanted to explain the reasoning behind releasing a new original Dethcentrik EP before the next album, The Fourth Reich. You may be aware of the remix album in progress entitled “Why the Guilty Die Old” and that’s a certainly a priority, but the desire the create some more industrial rock-like material has recently emerged. One interesting creative note: my favorite “riff” has not yet been heard by the public, it was created for a collaborative track, and it happened to also be the first riff I created in the way I created the riffs for this album (I will likely make the riff itself public once the track is complete), and I’d like to explain a bit of the creative process for the strings you’ll hear for those of you interested.

                           These are the strings you’ll hear on this EP:

That’s right, what you hear is strummed or struck on the back of a chair, the more guitar sounding parts tend to be strummed, certain parts you will likely more audibly notice a strike. As I mentioned earlier, my favorite string part was the first one I created, and partly because it was done in a way that makes the chair purely a string instrument. I like the other material I created, don’t get me wrong, but I haven’t been able to create something I like as much as the first riff, and I’d say as an artist sometimes my own favorite parts I create change, but often times I just cannot outdo myself, and that doesn’t mean I don’t like the material I create after, it simply means that I can’t outdo what I feel to be, at the time, perfection.

Poem by Død: The Spider

Alone and frightened in a corner,

Misunderstood and feared

Peoples’ terror, instilled in error,

The spider never leaves home.

The spider does not judge.

The spider holds no grudge.

Both victims of hate, we can relate.

I will always stick beside her,

My friend the spider

Remix album!

Hello all! I’ve been mentioning Why The Guilty Die Old, so I wanted to elaborate on it a bit. It’s going to be an album with various artists remixes of Dethcentrik songs. What has been completed so far can be heard here: If you’d like to participate, remix kits are available to all mailing list members. To join the mailing list go to Dethcentrik’s Reverbnation page, and click “Subscribe” under “Quick Actions” on the right-hand side of the page towards the top. You are allowed to remix and release remixes on your own. If you would like to be included on Why The Guilty Die Old, or if for any reason you have any difficulties, or would rather personally get in touch then join the mailing list, please email me: Thanks for you time and support everyone, cheers!

-Stefan “Død Beverte” Klein

Død Beverte: Finishing solo album!

Hello. Will make this brief. My upcoming EP Dawn of New Tyranny is in the final stages of production and should be available to you all soon! Having the flu allotted me the free time I needed to complete the track “War.” And in many regards I feel more proud knowing that I created this song while sick, something about that in itself makes me feel the track is just that much darker! This whole album is quite dark, and I certainly hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

A message from Død: New solo album coming soon!

As you may have read on HeavyHardmetalmania, I have a new solo album coming out in the near future called “Dawn of New Tyranny.” Since this album is very personal to me, I wanted to explain some of the inspiration for the tracks, if you want to know about the artist, I refer you back to the article from Heavyhardmetalmania, where I give an explanation behind the artwork

The concept of the album is generally based on what I see this world coming to from where I am. This is an instrumental, generally more “industrial-noise” album (if genre truly is a must), that conveys the concepts of the album simply through music. The first two tracks are about my mental state at the time: Into a Dark Mind, and having to resisting believing the statements in my brain: The Voices (this track is possibly the most personal, and one of the most “off-topic” from the general subject matter). The tracks War, Dictatorship, and God Fuck This Fascist Cuntry are about the state of the United States, and the world, this also embraces the concept that the United States is instigating many problems within the world today. Dictatorship is the track most based within the United States, and reflects how the United States internally as a country is structured in a manner that fuels discrimination and favors the wealthy, and often times, locally I have witnessed: those who call themselves “Christians.” Moreso a concept than a literal reference to a single leader (although it could be applied to the last and current presidents as well), the dictator is the rich and locally where I live, the “Christians.” Earth Accepts Her Fate is about applying the final stage of grief, acceptance, to the world, and what it will become. The world must accept that it will fall apart. If you would like to listen to a few of these tracks right now, please follow my Soundcloud!

Good news, bad news, and everything in between.

Hello all! Want to thank everyone for their support, and want to share some exciting news: Divine Punishment is back! Here’s a nostalgic look back at our first song ever:
Also, I have done guest vocals for Bassookah: BASSOOKAH “Pig vs Pig (ft Død Beverte)” by BASSOOKAH If you haven’t heard them already, here are remixes of Dethcentrik that Cold Metal Future performed: DETHCENTRIK “Rip My Heart Out” - Cold Metal Future Remix by COLD METAL FUTURE DETHCENTRIK “Columbine JusticeSpree” - Cold Metal Future Remix by COLD METAL FUTURE A remix of a solo song of mine can be found on their Palestine websingle, available here: And finally on a more solemn note please listen to my message about SOPA and PIPA, the song in the background is Cold Metal Future’s remix of Columbine Justice Spree: Anti SOPA/PIPA message by stefan-klein

Gwar’s Loss

Hey all. In light of learning of the death of Cory Smoot of GWAR, I wanted to give my condolences:

Thank you Mr. Trump!

Thanks to a certain Yahoo News Story, I liked a Jon Stewart bit:

Or course, seeing that Donald Trump can’t handle what people think of him, being that he is a an emotionally weak individual, he blocked ratings and comments on the following video:

Personally, I want to thank Mr. Trump, I actually laughed at this clip from Jon Stewart, and I don’t usually care for his show. He either doesn’t see the logic behind why people aren’t offended by racist humor but they’re offended by actual racism, or he thinks that people are stupid enough to rally behind him over this, in which case what’s new? A rich man trying to use his status to manipulate the masses and assuming that they aren’t as smart just because they aren’t rich? Another reason people may not call out a liberal for “racism” is because most modern conservatives talk about how wrong the race card is to play, and liberals don’t, so at least the liberals aren’t so hypocritical when it comes to racial allegations, and intelligent people are less willing to listen to hypocrites, and of course assuming they would listen reaffirms that Donald Trump thinks people with less money are less intelligent. So congratulations Mr. Trump, you’re either an idiot, a bad person, or perhaps both, but you just made my day!

New Press Release: Press Release: Dethcentrik on community threat list for giving opinion to evangelicals

In a letter sent to the evangelical community of their hometown Colorado Springs, Colorado, the band Dethcentrik stated “we despise your brainwashing so called ‘Christian’ ideals.”
The letter’s most “threatening” tone was used in the phrase: “don’t bother saying anything, we are awaiting to arise from our hate-based repression, when we deem appropriate.”
In a statement from the band, they said: “That simply meant that we will decide when to expose the truth. What they have to fear most is that their religion will be expose for what it is: fake and full of hate. Evangelicals already have enough control of this town to where people are allowed to be punished by government institutions for expressing religiously-based opinions, our vocalist was forced to leave his school once for wearing a t-shirt that was offensive to Christians and being told that Jesus loved him. That’s not much of a separation of Church and state now is it?”
Despite the band’s intention with the statement, they landed on a community threat list entitled “Threat Awareness in Places of Worship,” which can be found here . Dethcentrik’s latest release, Why the Innocent Die Young, is slated for release late this year.

Press Release image

You can find it at the following sources as well:

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